Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cantigny (Can Tee Nee) Park

This is the view from my booth to the main park walkway.
The park itself is gorgeous and the event held many activities for all ages!

I was able to meet "Madeline"...she did a story hour for the smaller kids and even the older "kids" got in on the meet and greet! I was also able to meet some local artists who I know will become kindred spirits.

Practicing our booth setup...

And believe it or not...we forgot to take pictures of our booth in action! However there was another French moment...an encounter with a mime I won't soon forget...


http://pamwardenart.blogspot.com said...

Wonderful post :) Your last line just cracked me up. That mime has added many smiles to my day and I know to others too. You are A DOLL!!!!
I'm so glad you came into my shop with the Milkman's Daughter. Give her a hug from me and sending one for you too.

rachel whetzel said...

Mimsie!! Happy to "meet" you on the Gutter Girlz Blog!! You don't have to DO anything to become a gutter girl!! If you'd LIKE to, you can put a button on your blog, and take part in our challenges!! We'd love to have you! I don't know if you scrap or not, but it's not a requirement to play along!! ANY creation using our challenges in full or in part counts if you give us a link to it! Seeing as you were part of an AMAZING looking french event recently, you might hop over to my personal blog, minetothine.com in the next week or so, I'll be having sign ups for a Halloween swap. You can see bits of what I'll be sending over there!
So happy you survived your mime attack!

kristina k said...

Thanks for stopping by Gutter Girlz! We would love it if you joined in....:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing MiMi-looks like a great time!! :)Linda